make me choose: ohsterek asked me teen wolf or the vampire diaries?


get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite male characters → jackson whittemore

jackson whittemore in every episode:

↳2.02 Shape Shifted

#and you cry for all the stories you’ll never know #like how they became friends#did Danny let Jackson have one of his crayons and they were bonded for life? #or was it in middle school when they wore the same shirt to school #and were gonna hate each other but Jackson scoffed like i wear it better #totally expecting Danny to agree and Danny was all lol no you don’t #and they discovered they were one#what about their life after high school #did they have plans #were they gonna go Vegas for Danny’s 21st #did Jackson ever let Danny drive the Porsche #when Danny had his first boyfriend did Jackson try to vet him first? #HOW DID DANNY FEEL ABOUT LYDIA? #all this shit we’ll never know #ugh my boys (via halesparkles)


He got the message in the morning. He was getting ready to go out and run some errands when his phone vibrated on the bedside table. 

He picked it up and smiled. Lydia. 

He pushed the read button, eyes skimming the message. 

The wall felt cold against his back as he hit it and sank to the floor of his bedroom. 

How could she be gone? What had happened? Allison was the strongest of them all.

And how could he not have been there to help Lydia’s best friend?

He reread the message as the tears rolled down his cheeks. He closed his eyes and slammed his head against the wall. 

He hated himself for not being there for Allison when she could have used his help. 

And he hated himself for not being there for Lydia now. He knew she was hurting, that she needed someone to hold her and tell her it was going to be okay. 

He opened his eyes and looked down at his phone again. He reread the message and then typed out his reply. 

He sent the message and stood up, wiping the tears from his face. 


Lydia was sitting at the kitchen table in Derek’s loft. The pack was sitting around the loft, spread out on the few items of furniture Derek owned. 

They had spent the night here, crying and holding each other. They talked about Allison and told stories about her. 

It was important for them to do it, Lydia knew. But it was so hard. 

She looked around the loft. Kira had fallen asleep leaning against Scott as he sat on the couch talking quietly with Isaac. The two boys were turned to each other, whispers barely audible. Lydia’s eyes fell to their hands, clasped together as tears fell from theirs eyes. Lydia shook her head, she couldn’t look at them. 

Derek was sitting in his recliner, coffee cup in his hand, as he watched whatever Stiles had on the tv. Stiles was sitting at his feet, head leaning against Derek’s knee as Derek ran his fingers through his hair. 

Lydia looked away. 

She felt so alone

Her phone beeped and she looked down to see a reply from Jackson. 

She opened the message and smiled. 

I’m on my way.